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Did you know that we collect aluminum cans???  One way you can help our shelter is to drop your aluminum cans in the dumpster located in our parking lot. (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)  We receive a monthly contribution from Omni Source for the cans we receive.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you are making a big difference to our Shelter.
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Want to know more about the importance of spaying or neutering your pet, as well as other animal related information and issues?  Visit the Spay Neuter Services of Indiana website.  Sign up for their newsletter also.  www.spayneuterservices.org

Featured Pets



 Fender is a great boy, he goes to the door when he has to potty, loves loves loves people, & does great with other dogs.  He would be well suited for an active household, possibly one with kids to wear him out!  He is a perfect gentleman in the office, he is a hoarder of toys & can make one out of anything.  I had him at my house for a couple days & one of his favorite toys was one of those U shaped neck pillows or a plastic water bottle.  He is such a funny boy!  He can run like a rocket & hounds have a tendency to follow their noses, so a fenced yard would be a definite plus.  When he was at my house, he chased my kitties but didn’t harm them.  In his last household, he was allowed to run down & kill raccoons, so he now has small prey drive.  If you have garden pests or like to hunt, this is your boy but we’d recommend a cat free household at this point.  We always recommend a refresher course on house & crate training for all of our dogs as well as a meet n greet with all household members (2 legged & 4) to ensure a great fit!




Cece is a teenage cat that loves to spend her time exploring & romping.  She was brought here at about eight weeks old & was treated for an ear infection, she has a permanent head tilt as a result but it doesn’t slow her down in the least.  She would like to spend the rest of her kittenhood in a wonderful forever home.  She gets along well with other cats and would make a great pet in an active household.

Upcoming Events

Neuter Clinic (male animals only)

Tuesday, June 22,
Cost: $20.00 plus $16.00 if rabies shot is needed.  Stop in to Shelter or call 260-833-2877 to register.

 4th Annual Casino Night Fundraiser.

Saturday, June 6, 7-11 p.m.
Club Paradise

Gaming, food, fantastic silent auction.
Tickets: $30.00 per person
or 4 tickets for $100.00.

Tickets available at Shelter or Club Paradise.



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