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Report Abuse, Neglect, or Strays

Animal Bites are handled by law enforcement. For follow-up purposes, please ask who you are speaking to! Farm animals may also be reported.


Regulation of the treatment of animals takes place on the federal, state, and local level. Indiana state law prohibits cruelty, abandonment, and neglect of animals. Act of torture and physical abuse of an animal is a crime in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-12. Neglect or abandonment of an animal is a crime in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-7. A court may permanently confiscate animals that are abused or neglected. IC 35-46-3-6.


Regulation of the treatment of animals in Indiana is not limited to state laws, counties may regulate animals. Animal shelters and animal control agencies are local institutions usually overseen by city or county government or a nonprofit organization.


Emergency 24-Hour Care

Northeastern Indiana Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital

5818 Maplecrest Dr.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46835
(260) 426-1062
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Basic First Aid Care


The following is a list of common household human medications that can be used on pets. These medications can be especially useful if you can’t reach a veterinarian.


Product Canine Dosage Common Use
Buffered Aspirin (Ascriptin) 5mg per pound every 12 hours Pain relief, anti-inflammatory
Vitamin B 1/2 to 2ml subcutaneously every 24 hours Used as an appetite stimulant
Benadryl Up to 2mg per pound every 8 hours Bee stings, Allergies, itching etc.
Dramamine Up to 50 mg ever 8 hours Used to reduce motion sickness
Hydrogen peroxide 3% 10ml hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal amount of water or milk by mouth every 15 minutes Used to induce vomiting after accidental ingestion of a poison or object such as socks, towels, rocks, etc.
Liquid Pepto Bismol 1tsp per 5lbs every 6 hours Used to relieve vomiting, gas or diarrhea
Di Gel Liquid Up to 4 tbsp every 8 hours Antacid and anti-gas
Mineral Oil Up to 4 tbsp daily Used to eliminate constipation
Kaopectate 1ml per pound every 2 hours for Diarrhea
Immodium 1 tablet 2x daily for Diarrhea
Cotton Ball (100% cotton) Soaked in Milk or Creamer As much as dog will eat Accidental ingestion of glass
3 parts white Vinegar 1 part Alcohol as needed Ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats
Superglue as needed Close and open wound
Tearless Baby Shampoo as needed Gentle cleaning for dogs and cats
“Vet Wrap” for splints as needed – Emergency Only – contact Vet For emergency broken bones – available at rural supply stores
Glucosamine/Chondroitan as needed For Arthritis