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Too Many Pets

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 3 to 4 million pets—about one every 8 seconds—are put down each year in animal shelters across the country.  Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.  There’s an easy way you can do to help the Steuben County Humane Shelter prevent pet overpopulation in our county:  spay or neuter your cats and dogs.  We have two programs available to help county residents get their pets fixed.

POPS Program- 

POPS (Pet Overpopulation Prevention in Steuben County) is a partnership between the SCHS and the HOPE Spay/Neuter Clinic in Fort Wayne.  As funding is available, the Shelter may provide low or no cost spay and neuter services to customers wishing to participate.  At this time, we are actively seeking funding through various grant opportunities, to once again offer these services to the public.  Feral or “community cats” are still eligible for discounted rates on an as needed basis.  Prior approval must be obtained.

VIP Program

The VIP Program lets pet owners do volunteer cleaning at the shelter for a set number of hours.  Once the hour requirement has been met, we can sell you a voucher for a spay/neuter surgery good at All Paws and Claws Clinic, Grandview Veterinary Clinic, or Pokagon Veterinary Hospital.  Any Steuben County resident can take advantage of this program.  A female dog requires 8 hours of cleaning and then the voucher would cost $68.00. A male dog is 6 hours and $55, a female cat is 4 hours and $56, and a male cat is 2 hours and $33.   Bring a friend along and you can combine your hours to get it done faster. Please call the shelter if you have any questions.

The Steuben County Humane Society is dedicated to reducing the effects of pet overpopulation in Steuben County but we can’t do it alone.  The number of animals put to sleep in Steuben County is entirely up to county residents.  Please help us control the pet population—get your pet fixed!